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Last Life

by Naman

Format: Paperback

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This book is based on real life incidents of the author and portrays the different stages in a teenager’s life. It shows the importance of friends, a good conduct between parents and teenagers, the situations that teenagers face in life, how sympathy changes into empathy. A real story which inspires us all to live our life with a temperament of living without any pressure.

Naman Kumar is a regular student of class 10 in St. Paul’s School at Sasaram. He was born on 30th September 1997. He is an IIT-JEE aspirant. His father Rajendra Singh is a farmer and mother Sangita Devi is a housewife. He has two sisters whose names are Twinkle and Richa. He belongs to a small village called Khurmabad of Rohtas district in Bihar. His grandfather Suryavansh Singh is his inspiration and a huge pillar of support.



Last Life





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