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Last Page A Horror Love Story

by Sanjay Kumar

Format: Paperback

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Aryan was the student of an I. A. S, who took always much discount on many things of life.

Once he falls in love of two girls named Anjali and Pallawi, but there was a problem – He had to select one of them.

He solved this problem but the problem was not clear off, Because in a certain place there was also a girl, named Soya.............

Sanjay Kumar who doesn’t know how to fear he writes for young’s.

This is his first novel.

Know more about Sanjay following him on Twitter (Sanjay Kumar). You can also join facebook or emailing.

Sanjrajanjpalla@gmail.com At present he is living in Bihar (Begusarai) with his Mother Nirmala and Brothers Ajay and Shivu.



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