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Leadership for Colonels and Business Managers

Author Name: Colonel Alok Asthana | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

An authoritative guide to help you leaders and managers get the best out of your teams. A well-established practitioner puts across knowledge and techniques critical for middle managers - all in a racy, reader-friendly style. Daily leadership based on organizational behaviour and group dynamics.

You can learn to lead as well as to manage.

Would you much rather be loved or respected?

Can you lead and delegate as per the capabilities of the follower?

Do you decide by intuition or by using Game Theory techniques?

Do you know that too much synergy, consensus and motivational gimmicks are harmful?

Col Alok Asthana shares observations from a distinguished, 42-year career in military command, teaching, industry and consultancy. How many consultants you know can boast of such wide hands-on experience as well as academic knowledge?

Backed by researches in organizational behavior and group dynamics, these ‘How to’, ‘Why’ and ‘Why not’ hacks will change your leadership and management style forever. The book covers essential knowledge and techniques for the one-to-one processes between the leader and team, the one-to-many group processes, organization development, leader behaviour, better thinking & decision making and finally, topics of specific interest to the combat leader. Not bromides and clichés, but specific step-by-step guidance that helps teams in military and business alike. The book has a real-world touch and demolishes many myths. Each chapter is a stand-alone; complete and useful by itself. Numerous anecdotes, analogies and quotes make the book racy and lively reading.

Grab it and race ahead of the pack. Follow these instructions and the men will literally die for you.

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Colonel Alok Asthana

Col Alok Asthana has had the honour and privilege to serve 26 years in the Indian infantry (4 GR, RR) in command assignments and as Instructor in Class A training establishments of the army i.e. twice at the Infantry School and once at the Senior Command wing of Army War College. He raised a Rashtriya Rifles unit (8RR) and commanded it in Manipur and J&K.

He has been a prolific writer in military journals, questioning the status quo and suggesting improvements. Thereafter, he has held several HR jobs in industry at the top level. Now he consults through his site He has delivered training workshops on leadership and innovation to top companies in India, Dubai and Philippines and also held consultations with Army Training Command, India on how to further improve training of officers in dealing with uncertainty and the ‘fuzz.’

He is extremely well read on organizational behavior and group dynamics and uses concepts from these to support the real world techniques he presents in Leadership for Colonels and Business Managers. He is based out of Thane, Maharashtra, India.