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Life Without A Self Unravelling The Mystery Of Existence

Author Name: Odeh Turjman | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

“Who am I?”

“From whence am I?”

These perennial questions have plagued mystics, philosophers, theologists and scientists since time immemorial. Mankind is still grappling with the mystery of the self and consciousness. And many have given up and declared, “One cannot know!”

This book unravels the mystery of the self and consciousness, and elucidates it in a comprehensive fashion supported by scientific research. An explanation is provided about the state of enlightenment, which mystics have attempted to expound in the absence of modern empirical knowledge.

Upon the discovery of one’s real nature, the pressure of living ceases to exist and the conflict within subsides. Disturbing questions regarding love and relationships, behaviour and morality, and the search for enlightenment are investigated and resolved in such a manner to remove the burden they impose.

This publication does not propose to change you, rather it questions the concept of self. Who is this ‘you’? It highlights that the focus should be elsewhere and offers a new perspective.

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Odeh Turjman

Odeh Turjman is a composer, music educator and researcher of neuroscience. In 2008, at the age of 47, Odeh underwent an unusual, life-transforming event. What ensued was a radical shift in his way of living, but he resisted labelling it as ‘enlightenment’ as defined in various scriptures. He instead adopted a scientific approach in an attempt to explain his experience.

After six years of extensive reading and exhaustive self-analysis, Odeh’s conclusions based on his experience and neuroscientific research resulted in two scientific papers: On the Role of Mirror Neurons in the Sense of Self, and an updated and published version entitled Enlightenment: Exploring the Neural Basis of Pure Consciousness.

The implications of his findings have the potential to bring about a paradigm shift in our worldview. Using this research and his own internal observations, Odeh has been able to explain what has defied philosophers and spiritualists for millennia—the nature of consciousness and selfhood, as well as demystification of ‘enlightenment’.