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Linan's Out Of This World Adventures A Collection of Extra-Terrestrial Short Stories

Author Name: Kalyani Kumawat | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Meet Linan, a young girl — or female Luminat, which is a more accurate description — living an ordinary life in the extraterrestrial planet of Umicox. She has always wanted to be a detective and her dream comes true when she joins her new school, Aunewr Academy in the city of Drutt, and meets two of the most suspicious and investigative personalities: Omaira and Yavina, who eventually become her best friends.

It all starts with a few incidents in school, but solving these minor mysteries give Linan and her friends enough confidence to go ahead and solve the mysteries on a bigger scale.

Join Linan and her friends as they investigate these cases on an extraterrestrial journey filled with excitement, fear, mystery, and most of all, curiosity.

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Kalyani Kumawat

Kalyani is a normal thirteen-year-old girl who seems to have a lot of imagination. Unknowingly, she creates many forms of art with this innate store of imagination. Writing prose and poetry, drawing, crafting, and whatnot. Most of the times, she just makes random doodles and thinks up backstories for them. These adventures in creative randomness are what led to the creation of Linan.

Being an introvert, she loves spending time on her own, which has greatly led to her creating fascinating and imaginative worlds in her head; but if and when you do meet her though, be careful. If she thinks you’re interesting to talk to, she will absolutely bombard you with out-of-the-blue questions to the point of exhaustion. This is why she doesn’t like the performing arts (singing and dancing) as much.

She loves, looking for ideas to create more, and just staring at the night sky and daydreaming (yep, the irony of language).



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