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Lost Minds Is the Way You Feel Really the Way You Feel?

Author Name: Udbhav Rai | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A collection of ten odd stories to elicit your dread, confound your understanding, and intrigue your mind, but without mentioning any monsters, but rather monsters of the mind...

Getting up in the dark first thing in the morning, sleeping on the cold side of the bed, dreaming in the middle of the night... Do you really believe that what you see is the truth?

Can you trust your neighbor? Does your dream man have a monster inside him?

There is often a twist to what appears to be normal. The older mind is as blind to change as the younger mind is to vulnerability. As for these tales, the people in them have lost their minds... How can you be so certain that you will not do the same someday?

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Udbhav Rai

The young Udbhav Rai started writing at the age of eight, for himself and in seclusion. But it wasn't until after finishing school, enduring quite a few frantic experiences, and coming across some strange people that he was really driven to write, to share what he had experienced with the world. With 'Lost Minds,' he fictionalizes, expands, and heightens the stakes of this world we live in, which is truly stranger than fiction...