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Author Name: Ashraf Jamal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This is the tale of an era when Indian civilization was at a turning point. It's the narrative of two civilizations coming together, much like the convergence of two oceans. While there may be surface clashes, beneath the surface, a new culture emerges. This is the account of the bold men who were the first to take the initiative in taming and controlling elephants. It's also the story of courageous women of that time who not only stood shoulder to shoulder with men but often surpassed them in various fields. This is the chronicle of the earliest use of elephants in warfare. It's a saga of ordinary boys transcending into extraordinary individuals. This is a story of valor, audacity, and the pursuit of knowledge, teaching us that with high aspirations and strategic thinking, great accomplishments are attainable. This tale belongs to every one of us, and I hope you all find it engaging and inspiring.

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Ashraf Jamal

S. M. Ashraf Jamal is an IT Professional and hails from Varanasi (Kashi Nagri). Being a Banarasi automatically gives birth to a writer or an artist inside oneself and it was Banaras which inspired him to start writing at an early age. He is also a history geek who prefers and tries to understand historical events keeping behavior of the people and those time's norms in mind. Brought up in a composite culture of Hindu Muslim unity on Ganga ghat made an impressive effect on his vocal skills, which is obvious in his writing style.



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