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Majid's Diary The Masks We Wear, The Webs We Weave

by Ghazala Rizvi

Format: Paperback

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A death leads Jamal and Dev on a quest for truth and unravels a mystery connecting the by-lanes of Hyderabad to the Gomal Valley in the Pak-Afghan border. In its wake, Jamal and Dev leave behind a trail of bodies and reveal a tale of gore and greed that shatters their fragile perception of reality. As the two friends grope and meander through the labyrinth of lies, they discover the truths about themselves. They realize that sometimes life carries you to a place where you no longer know yourself; and then friendships are the first casualties.

Will their friendship survive the burden of truth?

The author has worked for Google and has also worked as a freelancer for the Hyderabad Times. She currently owns and manages a content development consultancy. She occasionally blogs about events surrounding her life and times. She has written numerous short stories and poems and is currently working on a sequel to Majid’s Diary. Whenever real life can be pushed aside, she reads, paints, plays on the flute, and tries to decipher Ghalib.



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