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Matter Life & Spirit Demystified

Author Name: Vigyan Mitra | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

It is a truly amazing book. For the first time an Indian author has tried to serve science, yoga and philosophy on the same plate. The depth of understanding of the author of these subjects is admirable. Only some really deep insights could have enabled him to demonstrate the basic unity even at the levels of the fundamental particles of matter.

Another amazing aspect of this work is the ease with which monotheism of the Vedanta and the dualism of the Agama are reconciled with each other and with the insights conveyed by Jesus Christ. Beginning with Trika philosophy of Kashmir, using it as the base and ending with the great mystiques and gurus of Bengal, wisdom of the rishis is presented in such a way that physics, chemistry and biology seem to turn into mere predictions of a much higher science.

The book seems to live up to its name. It is a book about demystification all around. It seems to repeat the clarion call of the most ancient gurus of the mankind, invoking its sons to arise, to wake up and to receive the gift of immortality.

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Vigyan Mitra

The author, Vigyan Mitra, developed a deep interest in spiritual subjects early in life. His curiosity to understand life and his personal mystical encounters inspired him to research the field extensively. After retiring as the CEO of a company, he now likes to live in prayer and seclusion. His deep personal insights have helped him to create this unique compendium of Indian Philosophy that no other book can claim to match. 



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