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Milo - The Clean Air Marshal

Author Name: Ritika Saxena and Dr. Pratima Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Milo is a cheerful dog leading an ordinary life, but one event changes his vision toward the environment. Will Milo understand the environmental challenges humans, flora, and fauna face? Will Milo take the role of being an environment protector and realize his true purpose? Join Milo on his extraordinary journey and discover how he impacts humans around him through his witty behavior and empathy.

Air pollution is a growing concern impacting women, children, and the elderly. Children are the victims of several health concerns due to air pollution. This book attempts to introduce air pollution to our young readers, with the hope of inspiring them to become Clean Air Marshals like Milo in the fight for better air quality.


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Ritika Saxena and Dr. Pratima Singh

Ritika Saxena: Ritika is an environmentalist, artist, and engineer. She has been in the field of air quality management for the last 6 years but her interest routes to her childhood when she started digging for facts on air pollution. Having worked with both technical and social work groups in conference rooms and on-ground, she believes that visible change can be seen when knowledge, community engagement, and policy hold each other’s hands.

Pratima Singh: Pratima has a Ph.D. in energy and environment and works in the air pollution domain. Researching the topic of air pollution, she realized that the problem is huge and hence science alone can’t bring a change in the air we breathe. She wishes to communicate science to society in simpler ways for educating the masses, bring behavior change towards environmental challenges, and making the world a better place to live. A researcher who combines her imaginative skills and knowledge of science to talk to children, the character of Dog (Milo) is created to fight air pollution and educate children. She has incorporated the ground reality concerning air pollution in the book, which will help readers to understand the environmental challenge in a better manner.