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Author Name: Renuka Bhilu Rathod | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

One room. Two lovers. An Unknown Society.

A dusty black file lies in the corner of the cupboard. Niharika was only ten when things abruptly changed in Maya’s life. Eighteen years later, the same strange laws return to rule Niharika’s existence. Her world of half-filled anticipations grows darker than her sister’s world of no anticipations.

Abeer must have had some purpose. His tousled hair sat messily on his brow. His dark black eyes hid an elegant way of life. That is what Niharika had liked about him.

“Mind the Gap!” a fair warning coming from the universe. And ignored.

The unlovable had loved a little more.

When incidents from the past start unfolding, suddenly, Niharika is caught between serving her dying mother and abiding by the strange rules. Yet, her infinite selfless love is the greatest act of courage that eventually leads her to learn some of the ugliest truths of the two genders.

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Renuka Bhilu Rathod

Renuka Rathod is a gifted communicator with excellent leadership skills. With a Master’s Degree in Political Science, she has grown highly passionate about the suppression of independent women and the magnitude of male dominance in society. Her Master’s in Education paved her way for being a Junior College teacher. 

Being in contact with teenagers for almost half a decade now, Renuka Rathod has been a part of numerous discussions revolving around atrocities committed against women. This introduced her to the gravity of the long-prevailing issues that women undergo even in today’s times. She has always been a staunch believer of, “It is not the men who dominate women, but it is rather the women who allow them to.” Her patience to listen to others and her fervour to bring their stories out to the world has brought her closer to themes like love and betrayal, one of the many topics that women around her have urged her to write on.