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Minus Zero The Russian Arc

Author Name: Enkai | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Katam, the king of hell, decided to destroy the Earth but he is lazy to do it. He ordered Vritra to destroy the Earth but what Vritra did was quite interesting: he goes to the Earth, finds a human and tell him to destroy the Earth. Not that the guy can say no anyway? Anum will now have to destroy the Earth. Vritra gives him immortality and regeneration, but he can't kill because his blood was cold since birth. The Earth is old now and it's time to destroy it.

But again... how?

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My name is Enkai. I am from India, and this is my first book. I was highly inspired by Anime and Manga (Japanese cartoon and Japanese comics respectively). I always used to watch Anime and think, “Oh, that was a good story, but I could have done it better.” So now, I decided to write a story. I always wanted to write something dark and gore and things like that. I am a total newbie, so I didn't include any stylish words that make you say, “Woah! Man, he is so smart.” I just kept everything simple (that's the max I can do). Hope you like it!