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Ms Guided Angels

by Sangeeta Malhotra & Shruti Saxena

Format: Paperback

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Meet Faith and Naina.

Two young, independent women trying to find their footing in today’s corporate space. In this story, we will take you through Faith’s mysterious existence. In contrast, Naina will seem unconvincingly simple and the typical, little Miss Goody Two Shoes.

While humor will be lost on Faith, Naina will laugh with ease. While Faith will peak your curiosity, Naina will steal your hearts. And while Faith will live life on the edge and pick at her wounds, Naina will avoid confrontations and complicate matters more still. You’ll never find two people more different but , together, they will create magic and you shall be a witness.

This book is set in the “Right now and here to stay” booming industry of Business Process Outsourcing. And that is where Faith and Naina beign their search for their true destinies, and peace, together.

Being human, they may fight and argue, agree to constantly disagree, love to hate each other. But in all this mayhem, they change each other, forever.

Passionate about Art, a Gallerist and a Curator, multifaceted Sangeeta is a corporate professional with vast experience in the BPO and Shared Services space. Currently heading a Business Vertical in a HR Consulting Organization, she lives and works in Gurgaon with her adorable pet Sammy. A fun-loving foodie with a deep-abiding love for music and poetry, her passion for the arts is only rivalled by her love for animals as she support scores of stray dogs in her neighborhood. She is a firm believer that her angels are by her side, protecting her, always!

Author of the successful corporate fairy-tale, “Stilettos in the boardroom”, Shruti pens another riveting story set in the industry of her choice. She heads the business transformation vertical at a leading global provider of financial services and BPO solutions. Passionate about family, fitness and food, her next venture is to bring these together in “Magic in your Kitchen”, a Do-It-Together cookbook for you & your kids.



Ms Guided Angels





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