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Mumblings from the Depth A collection of short stories and prose

Author Name: Jithu Biji Thomas | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

An amputated soldier yearns to see the world and gets a brief glimpse of the beauty around him through the loaned eye of another.

A brash and over-confident star athlete on whom a nation’s hope lies takes a walk down the memory lane.

The dreams of an Iraqi football player gets shattered by the great dictator which leads him to yearn for death to come knocking on his door.

A Titanic survivor reminisces his bitter survival.

And many more.

What did these people have in common? Or maybe, there must have been something that attached these different people who were spread across different walks of life with varying history and time periods. The truth is that these people aid heed to the voices in their heart.

The mumblings of love, despair, dreams, gratitude, guilt, hope and many more. These mumblings made them common by a single thread.

The book isn’t a casual read and the author urges the reader to lend his mind. The collection of short stories along with the prose at the beginning of each story would take the reader to a roller coaster ride of reality and truth leaving aside all the mirage that our modern lifestyle has forced onto us.

Passing through various seasons and times, join a journey that would make you also listen to the mumblings of your own heart – the mumblings from your own depth.

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Jithu Biji Thomas

Born to simple and happy parents hailing from Kerala, Jithu Biji Thomas, an MBA graduate, spends most of his time thinking about life and other philosophical matters revolving around him. He yearns to find out ways that would help one to live out of the box – a box that the society has setup as a role model. He prefers to lead his life away from the rat race and is always found in the midst of good old country songs, great food and lots of tattered copies of books in some lonely green nook. He has been maintaining a blog for so many years where he scribbles down his mumblings. The blog is aptly named after the character of the blogger – living within the blog. This is his first book.



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