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My Stray Reminiscences मम आवाराः विचाराः स्मरणाः च

Author Name: Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

I belong to the 15th century Appayya Dikshithar Vamsham and have made a small write up on this saint. I have then dwelt on my  early professional life on the two jobs which I feel have been significant to my subsequent personal professional life..

I have then gone further to talk about the great Paramacharya of Kanchi whose eye-to-eye contact in 1963 at Kalavai changed the outlook of my life altogether. I have also mentioned some of my interactions with this Saint. Thereafter I have moved on to the Sabarimala pilgrimages and recalled some of my experiences therein including my heart attack on one such trip by the long route and how the Lord saved me. I have also elaborated on the interactions I had had with the Kambangudi greats and their relevance to the Sastha Preethis.

As I am a Modi loyalist, I have devoted a section to him. I have also dwelt on some famous political and technically accomplished personalities. Since I have spent some time in the US, I have drawn some comparisons on living in the US vis a vis living in India and why in spite of all the plus points in the US, I like the life in India. 

 I have concluded with an essay on mounam and some stray thoughts on the Bhagawath Gita and Nyaya doctrines.


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Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan

Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan is an advanced-age business professional. For posterity and his family and friends, he has been writing books comprising his autobiography, his work-related issues, his academics and his professional life. This is the fifth book. The earlier books had limited circulation to his extended family, but this book being more general will be shared with his extended family and the professional business friends and associate’s circle.Gopalakrishnan has travelled widely in India and several countries for vacations, business and spiritual purposes and has benefited in his outlook towards good living. His travels have taken him to every continent in the globe except South America. He has also earlier travelled to Wuhan in China, the birthplace of the notorious Covid pandemic, which brought the world to a standstill resulting in economic disaster for lots of countries.Gopalakrishnan has worked in various organizations starting from the Indian Atomic Energy Establishment under Dr Homi Bhabha and moving on to active professional involvement in  engineering and project management services covering large range of industries in the government, defense and private sectors. He has interacted with almost all major technology and contracting firms the world over in Japan, France, Austria, England, Canada, Brazil, the USA, Hongkong, China and Germany.  Gopalakrishnan has also donned the role of being an employer and has ended his professional career with business development and marketing for international organizations. 



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