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My Stuff Speaks!! ….and tells some torrid tales

Author Name: Dr. Sania Siddiqui | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details


What happens when the things you own begin to speak? And not just speak but speak about you!

Courtesy an online eGenie, Mrs. Google acquires a super power of hearing from her belongings and presumes it is going to be so much fun to receive gratifying feedback dripping in adulation. But the experience that follows is not quite what she expects because it exposes the chinks in her personality and conduct.

As her clothes, shoes, phone, handbags and other stuff starts voicing their views, Mrs. Google discovers unexplored facets of her personality, which she had never cared to muse upon earlier.

Will she emerge wiser and saner or buckle under the pressure of harsh realisation that her belongings hold grudges against her?

My Stuff Speaks is a fun and immensely relatable narrative told by everyday objects that share hilarious and honest insights into Mrs. Google’s life.  It will not only have you in splits with its wry sense of humour but will also make you ponder over the idiosyncrasies of life and the drama that surrounds them.



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Dr. Sania Siddiqui

As a doctor, Sania has been writing prescriptions, medical content and health-related articles for a long time, which indeed is noble but also a tad mundane job. For how long writing about chikungunya and basal cell carcinoma can excite a person with a penchant for creative writing?

So, Sania eventually decided to combine her profession and passion by prescribing laughter as the ‘best medicine’ in the form of a book.

She also runs a lifestyle blog by the name ‘all things GUD’ ( which helps her stay on the ‘write’ side of life.

Given her love for tea and showing fidelity towards the beverage, Sania swears to have never set foot inside a Starbucks. A sassy mom and internet nut, she is also a chronic patient of ‘social media syndrome’ and is scheduled for a rehab soon.