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Never Visit a Doctor How to stay Fit and Healthy Forever

Author Name: Sapna Priyadarshi | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

We all want to stay fit and healthy. Don’t we? We all dread the thought of visiting a doctor or a hospital. Don’t we? Unfortunately, the air that we breathe in is full of hazardous pollutants, the food that we eat is full of chemicals and the water that we drink is devoid of any minerals! All this makes us weak and sick. Our hectic and mindless lifestyle further deteriorates our body and mind. Unfortunately, due to all this, visiting a doctor regularly is unavoidable.

Each one of us is different and reacts differently to what we eat and what we do. This book is an honest attempt to help you understand your unique body along with its dosha & guna prakriti. The Daily Yoga Plan including yoga asanas, pranayama or breathing exercises, mudras, meditation and diet plan, will keep you fit and healthy forever. 

Further, this book also guides you to prevent and cure the most common lifestyle diseases prevalent these days. The recommended Daily Healing Plan along with Neuro Healing Meditation (NHM) will help fight the ailment and make you fit and healthy. 

The suggested plan is quite simple and will ensure that you never visit a doctor again!


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Sapna Priyadarshi

Sapna has been a wellness coach and fitness expert for many years. She says that yoga and meditation, gifted by our ancestors, are the most natural and effective methods to attain a healthy body and happy mind. She firmly believes this will lead to a peaceful world where everyone is healthy and happy.

She also feels that each one of us is unique and there cannot be one size fits all solution. Hence, her customized programs are based on identifying the Prakriti (body dosha and guna), understanding their imbalance and then correcting them through yoga, pranayama, mudras, meditation and diet.

She lays a lot of importance on a healthy mind, hence meditation is an integral part of all her therapies. She believes that meditating and activating our chakras leads to eternal bliss.

Sapna is M.Sc. (Yoga) from Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University and also holds a diploma in yoga from Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education, Tamil Nadu. She is a PG in literature from Osmania University.

Apart from being an author and a poet, she is an accomplished Reiki master, NLP trainer, hypnotherapist, classical dancer and a social worker. She runs her own wellness organisation, Yo.Fit.