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Non-Algorithmic Cubing Solve Rubik’s Cube with Common Sense and Intuition

Author Name: Neeraj Mital | Format: Paperback | Genre : Sports & Games | Other Details

Rubik’s Cube can be solved without relying on established algorithms and formulas. Why learn a predefined method when you can discover your unique solution? That is the basic premise of this book.

Discover a set of versatile tools that blend common sense, creativity, logic, and intuition. These tools require no algorithms or formulas, and there's no need for memorization. Utilize these tools to forge your path and solve the cube independently, each time in your unique way. Alternatively, follow the step-by-step guide, entirely crafted using the same tools.

This revolutionary book is a true game-changer, offering a fresh perspective on the world of cubing and sparking newfound joy for every puzzle-solving enthusiast

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Neeraj Mital

Tackling complex concepts and simplifying them using logic, creativity, and intuition, is what defines Neeraj. He is technologist by profession and futurist and spiritual blogger by passion. Along with his enthusiasm for the world of puzzles and riddles, Neeraj finds joy in occasionally writing short stories and scripts for short skits. In all the above, one can see elements of his out of box thinking and creativity at play.