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Of Wings, Warbles and Wondrous Whims Glimpses of the Feathered Angels of Central India

Author Name: Pradnya Gharpure, Ravikumar Dumpala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Outdoors & Nature | Other Details

Ever woke up to the melodious concert of the Magpie Robin or the shrill call of the Kingfisher? Have you heard the tireless Brainfever Bird’s voice ringing the woods all through the rainy season or the herald of the Pied Cuckoo as the rains begin? Ever been enchanted by the gorgeous Paradise Flycatcher on a brook-walk? Then you’re in for an avi-musing ride!

Get ready for a marvelous journey with the curious avians, who would be ready to amuse you with their playful ways. We present this book as a tool for nature lovers and budding birders to make friends with the enchanters with wings – the birds! Crafted carefully with over 250 pictures and reader-friendly, anecdotal depictions of over 100 winged wonders from Central India, this collection is your perfect companion for your next nature walk or just a leisure read about avifauna! So, are you ready to meet the plethora of feathered pals?

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Pradnya Gharpure, Ravikumar Dumpala

Pradnya is a budding engineer with love for nature. She has been watching birds since her school days and is also a blossoming creative writer. She loves to write prose and poetry inspired by nature and expresses her thoughts through her personal blog, ‘Rhythms of Nature’. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India in 2022. Pradnya is a nature photographer with a ‘point-and-shoot’. She believes in the power of pictures and words to inspire others towards learning from simple things in nature around us. Nature has been her inspiration, and birding, in particular, is her passion. She intends to be a researcher with a touch of nature and create her influence with writings kindled by the subtle splendor of nature. A music lover too, she believes that the ‘Rhythm of Nature’ has the power to transform, and she attempts to bring this aspect before the world through her writings.

Ravikumar is a faculty member at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. Since his childhood, he has been spending time close to nature, observing minute details and nurturing a passion. He began pursuing his passion for birding through a wildlife club in IIT Madras. Later, when he moved to VNIT in 2015, his passion for birding flourished and led him to record over 100 species of birds around the beautiful campus of VNIT Nagpur. A wonderful nature photographer himself, he has been instrumental in engaging young students in photography through the initiative ‘Club Capture’. He has been successful in establishing a birding community of like-minded students and Nagpur residents through his 'Bird Walks'. He is also an active member of the Central India Bird Academy (CIBA), an initiative by birders of Nagpur.