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On Your First Attempt, Become a Certified Safety Professional

Author Name: Sami Ullah Rajput | Format: Paperback | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

In gratitude to those who inspired him, contributed research, and provided data, author wishes to express his gratitude. Those who have supported, contributed, or participated in this project are officially acknowledged. We would not have been able to complete this project without your support and involvement.

This book contains several useful resources and sources, including the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Safety Council, the National Fire Protection Association, and many others. Among them are the Health and Safety Executive, the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, and the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

The references section at the end of each chapter identifies all sources whenever possible. Please let us know by email at: if the author has missed any references or acknowledgments so we can make the necessary changes

Being a member of the safety community, the author practices safety ethics to the fullest extent possible. By raising people's knowledge, the book aims to help safety professionals achieve highly recognized qualifications at their very first attempt.

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Sami Ullah Rajput

In the field of safety, Sami Ullah Rajpoot is a well-known author, writer, blogger, safety advocate, and practitioner. The author has contributed significantly to the enhancement of health and safety for numerous organizations throughout the Middle East. He is a Chartered Professional with a specialization in Safety Training and Consultancy. 

Among the most popular and most renowned courses he has delivered are ASP, CSP, CRSP, and SMS. As a mentor, trainer, guide, and coach, he has trained, guided, and coached thousands of safety professionals worldwide.  With a Master's degree in business administration, a Master's degree in occupational health and safety, a Ph.D. scholar, and many well-recognized academic credentials, safety certifications, and prominent memberships, the author has an extensive record of continuous professional development. 

His volunteer work with renowned safety organizations such as IOSH and many others is well recognized and has had a significant impact on society. 

For many organizations, the author has provided advice and consultations on how to maintain a safe working environment in accordance with environmental, safety, and other regulations, procedures, and practices.

Aside from conducting on-site inspections, audits, safety tours, and surveys, as well as compiling comprehensive management recommendations, the author has extensive experience in providing onsite and off-site consultation and service records.

As a presenter on industry-specific topics and the author of numerous articles, Sami has accumulated a wealth of experience. With his consultative approach, he has a long history of improving businesses.



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