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Operation Kamatchi

Author Name: I.V.J. Pradeep, Ravi Sarvepalli, Aparna Gattupalli, Aditya Karthic Inapurapu, Srijata Ray Inapurapu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“It was sometime around March 2020 when the pandemic had just begun. Lockdowns were in effect and in one family WhatsApp group, the administrator proposed a chain-authoring activity using a fiction concept. Participants jumped in with unbridled enthusiasm and creativity and this book was born…”

The story starts with strange happenings in Chennai, India when giant orangutans, alligators pop up in public places terrorizing the public with some getting killed. Next, jumping tigers show up in temple towns propagating fear, which slowly spreads across the country incrementing the casualty count.

Is this magic, supernatural or something else unknown to humanity?

An innocent wife of a priest gets into the crossfire between antagonistic individuals and goes missing. Her fate is unknown.

The intriguing happenings take us through multiple countries—India, the USA, the Netherlands and Costa Rica with people of multiple talents and personalities getting engaged into a perfect drama. All things in the universe are connected according to quantum physics.

What forces are at play, and could this be an international conspiracy?

Who is going to solve it?

Enjoy reading and find out all answers.


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I.V.J. Pradeep, Ravi Sarvepalli, Aparna Gattupalli, Aditya Karthic Inapurapu, Srijata Ray Inapurapu

IVJ Pradeep is deeply passionate about storytelling, screenplay writing and film making and has been an ardent student of cinema from his teens and galvanized the concept behind the story, besides co-authoring the novel. He is a retired executive from Telecom industry and holds a Masters’ degree in English literature.

Ravi Sarvepalli is a senior IT professional, holding a doctorate degree in CS. The distinctive concept of this book, compounded with his deep passion for the English language inspired him to co-author this unique genre of a novel. He has rich experience in authoring documents on technology related topics.

Aparna Gattupalli is a post graduate majoring in ‘Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archeology’. She loves to narrate stories of ancient lore. Following a brief  high school teaching stint, she took to writing and successfully published her first book “The River, The Eagle and the Brave boys: Mythological stories retold”.

Aditya Karthic Inapurapu is a management professional and a student of cinema. Stories fascinate him as a powerful medium to inspire and entertain. He is passionate about the intricacies of human behavior and how they shape the direction of stories. Herein, he shares his perspectives through the power of his pen.

Srijata Ray Inapurapu is a digital marketeer and a professional illustrator. She is a trained classical dancer and a bibliophile at heart. A keen interest in human psyche enabled her to develop the characters in this novel. Besides co-authoring the book, she breathed life into it with her lively illustrations.