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Ordinary Women Rai Praveen and Other Stories

Author Name: Maitreyi Pushpa, Paritosh Pandey | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Basumati is forced to choose between her traditional role as a housewife, and her responsibility towards the Panchayat that is accidentally thrust upon her. After spending her life as a spinster and devoting her life to work, Sister D’Souza is drawn to the warmth of family relationships, but for how long? Lallan is seduced by her enhanced standing in the village, only to realize it is taking her away from her real calling and work. Savitri lives an imaginary life as the famous courtesan Rai Praveen in her dreams, but when she plays her role in reality to save her village, she has to face rebuke and rejection.

In her short stories- ten of which are collected in this volume- she writes about the dilemmas, conflicts, joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes, and anxieties that women face throughout their lives. Her protagonists are ordinary women living in villages and small towns, who have to negotiate an extraordinary maze of challenges and opposition from the traditional mores of the society, but never let go of their hopes, aspirations, and desires. 

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Maitreyi Pushpa, Paritosh Pandey

About the Author:

Maitreyi Pushpa (मैत्रेयी पुष्पा) (born 30 November 1944), is a Hindi fiction writer. An eminent writer in Hindi, Maitreyi Pushpa has eleven novels and seven short story collections to her credit. She also writes prolifically for newspapers on current issues concerning women, and adopts a questioning, daring and challenging stance in her writings. She is best known among her books are Chak, Alma Kabutari, Jhoola Nat and an autobiographical novel Kasturi Kundal Base. Since she is the only woman writer in Hindi who has chosen to write about rural and urban India, her writing is a constant struggle against the feudal system which still prevails in Indian society. For her powerful idiomatic language and uninhibited treatment, she is the most talked about author today.

About the Translator:

Paritosh Pandey was born in Dhanbad, and spent his childhood in Dhanbad, Chattisgarh, and Delhi. After finishing his medical education from AIIMS Delhi, he relocated to Bangalore, where he works as a neurosurgeon. Apart from surgeries and work, he dabbles in reading and writing. He lives with his wife Sarika, his kids Dhruv and Ishi, and his dog Moby. This is his first published work. 



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