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Patent IPR Licensing- Technology Commercialisation – Innovation Marketing Guide Book for Researchers, Innovators

by Indian Innovators Association

Format: Paperback

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The guide book by Indian Innovators Association will help researchers and innovators to clearly understand the difference between patent licensing, technology commercialization and innovation marketing. Everything is important but each one is different. Intellectual property is a common thread and the reader is taken through the fundamentals of IPR before explaining each of the three. topics.

“Excited about your research and innovation but why is market unresponsive?”

Aynampudi SubbaRao (A.S.Rao) is known for his pioneering work in Management of Technology as an author, policy maker, academic and mentor. His book, Management of Technology Change published in 1993 was the first in this subject from India. He is currently associated with IIT, Hyderabad and VNRVJIET, Hyderabad. The first India International Innovation Fair was organised by him in 2016 at Bangalore. The 2017 edition of the fair is coming up at Visakhapatnam. He is among the few working on the demand side of innovation.

Roshan Aynampudi is a management professional based in USA. He had his MBA from Clark University and specializes in health care. He is fascinated with innovations in new technology, AI, Machine Learning, AR, VR and gaming in education and health care.



Patent IPR Licensing- Technology Commercialisation – Innovation Marketing





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