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Path to Nirvana

Author Name: Eric Anurag | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Rahul Sharma has always tried to walk the straight and narrow, but when he crosses paths with unruly Tom Spencer, his life is turned upside down. The two form an unlikely friendship. While Rahul strives to succeed in everything he does, Tom falls into drugs, alcohol, and a devastating gambling addiction. As Rahul builds a life for himself with his charming new wife, Julie, Tom stumbles into a massive gambling debt with crime lords and terrorists operating out of Las Vegas.

Tom’s dealings rope the unwitting Rahul into the fray, and soon, the two find themselves involved in a deadly charade.

Following an accident, Rahul’s life is transformed, and no one recognizes him. He tries to piece his life together and wonders if he has been reincarnated in Tom’s body. Faced with an enormous burden to convince Julie, who hates Tom, Rahul cries for help.

Rahul is now faced with the colossal task of convincing his own identity to his family, friends and unfortunately to Tom’s enemies, who are now chasing him with the deadly weapons. Rahul’s second chance at life comes with more lethal side effects, as well.

With these adversities, will he be able to find the Path to Nirvana?

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Eric Anurag

Eric Anurag was born in India and now lives in Texas with his wife and two grown-up sons. Having lived as a student and adult in India, Europe and North America, he has gathered worth-while and valuable experience.

It would not be untrue to state that he picked up a pen in mid-2000 to write something unique and constructive. A story develops from imagination, dreams and often from personal experience. After retirement, loneliness came to haunt him, and a story began to sprout in his mind. After months of countless efforts and unlimited support from family members, friends and professionals, he has compiled a worthy manuscript.

His transition from being a techie to a storyteller is a novel and marvel experience.