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Pilgrim, Pilgrimage and Road Every Rational Thinker’s Guide to Mysticism

Author Name: A. Ramachandran | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

In moments of withdrawal from the busy-ness of life, we sometimes find ourselves wondering about the significance of this struggle and strife – whether our ambitions and aspirations really matter.

Looking up into the sky on a clear night, we wonder about the worth of this all too brief life of seventy or eighty years lived in this universe which is billions of years old.

When we see death, we wonder whether when our time comes, we will just cease to exist or if we will continue to exist and move on somewhere.

We wonder whether there can possibly be a good and kind god administering and managing this world of suffering, violence, cruelty and injustice – though it is comforting for us to believe so.

We wonder what the purpose of a life can be in which we often see the results of our efforts crumble like sand sculptures before our very eyes.

This book reflects our wonderment. It deals with the dilemma of human existence.

It offers no ready answers.

It encourages the reader to think and to find his or her own answers.

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A. Ramachandran

Ramachandran, A. (Attur), retired from the Indian Railways as chief engineer, in 1994, with twenty-five years of administrative and managerial experience. Later, he devoted himself to lecturing on general management subjects to students in business schools and managers in companies in Bengaluru. This also led on to an organization development consultancy assignments in Bengaluru and Kochi.

Over the years, his teaching of management subjects developed an undercurrent of spirituality – a tendency to place the study of management in the context of human existence, because management happens in the context of life.

Now in his early 70s, Ramachandran lives in Palakkad, dividing his time between writing, reading and classical music, and long country walks. In earlier years, he had undertaken two walking tours, one along the River Thames from London to Oxford, and the other in the Lake District of England. Descriptions of these travels are slated for publication later.

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