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Author Name: Pallavi George | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The dam issue promised to drown everyone in a flood of problems. It didn’t help that the conversations between the pixies and the children were like apples and oranges. 

"To read or not to read,

That is the question"

Will they be able to work together and find a fair solution? 

A Solution Proposed        —   Accepted or Rejected?

A Collision of Worlds       —   Synthesis or Explosion?

Unexpected Friendships —   Lifelong or Broken?

A New Game                      —   Win or Lose?

The End                                 —   Eternal White or the Dreadful Black?

Read on to open a sluice gate of plots and counterplots, starting with a collision of the mortal and pixie worlds, leading to a riot of consequences as the children and the pixies put on their thinking caps. As though that were not enough, there are bullies that are bullies no more, and how does that happen? Then, of course, there is the game! What happens when Alan ups his game?

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Pallavi George

Pallavi George has always loved words and was called ‘walking dictionary’ in school. Her active imagination would not allow her to rest till she had penned it down on paper, and that made becoming an author inevitable. Her journey started with short stories and compositions in school to telling her children stories at bedtime and making small picture stories they could read on their own. At some point, the idea to become a writer took root, sprouted, and grew. It opened doors to other worlds, other lives, and lots of excitement. An advantage she uses with maximum impact in her writing is her sensitive personality that infuses words with emotions, so they weave moments rather than just spell them out. In effect, reading becomes an immersive experience. Besides writing, she enjoys reading and cross-stitch.

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