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Summary of the Book

First time in world history this book is going to unfold the mystery behind thousands of questions which had dead ends with them earlier . With the scientific form of many terms like laziness, tension, will power, success, failure, corruption, all bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc., you can find crystal clear answers to these terms and then can change, regulate and manipulate them to your convenience easily, once you get them.

No cock & bull stories, no motivational and inspirational stories at all.

Just read this book, get that synopsis and go for success at once.

Or should i say

Just enjoy

Play with fire

About the Author

Aadarsh is a unique, focused and logical author, graduate in an Education & Law from Lucknow University. He is a founder and director of U.A.C.A. (An association for additional thinking). He is an avid thinker with scientific approach to every aspect of life. He is social, friendly, curious and kind hearted person. He has a keen interest in technology and in executing new ideas. His hobbies include writing poetry, sketching, sculpturing etc. This book is his ultimate discovery to achieve success and happiness with the help of new methods and vision towards them.

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