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Playing Keyboard Made Easy Chords And Notations Of Top Bollywood Songs

by Vanshika Verma Khare

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Have you been finding it real hard to play that favourite song on your Keyboard?

Here's a book that helps you play your favourite song with ease. This book is written for the Keyboard lovers, students, professionals as well as novices. Soon you will find yourself sitting with your Keyboard, playing the songs written in this book, wondering how lovely the world of music is, and why we have made it so complicated.

This book contains step-wise instructions as well as the simplified Chords and Notations of Top Bollywood Songs.


Vanshika Verma Khare is the author of the highly acclaimed book Playing Keyboard Made Easy, which has been praised for its simplicity and lovely collection of songs.

She completed her engineering from MIT, Pune, and M.Tech. from Mysore. She has worked with HCL, Noida. She currently lives in Karnataka with her husband Abhinav Khare (IPS) and mother Rajni Verma, an astrologer. This is her second book in the series.



Playing Keyboard Made Easy





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