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Author Name: Veera Raja Gopal Malyala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Humans have a unique capacity for discretion, allowing us to discern truth from illusion and cultivate intelligence by forming mental patterns. But the insidious influence of ego and desire often obstructs our path to progress. The theory of cognizance elucidates the development of human intelligence, illustrating the collaboration of various mental faculties in processing and utilizing information. It shows how the emergence of ego from these mental patterns introduces bias in our thoughts, while desire, employing the six vices, manipulates decisions, leading to failure. 

This comprehensive book meticulously expands on such fundamental concepts, employing semantic knowledge graphs to establish a scientific foundation for its explanations. Scientifically substantiating that ego and desire are formidable hindrances to personal growth, the book then explores diverse techniques to overcome these obstacles.

Central to the theory of cognizance is the transformative power of chanting the Gayatri mantra. Drawing from the Lalitha Sahasranama, the book unveils the Gayatri tatva, showcasing its various aspects. Recognizing that ego development begins in early childhood, the book proposes initiating Gayatri worship from the age of eight, offering a method to replace ego with the empowering influence of Gayatri throughout one's life. This practice, embedded in the daily routine of many successful individuals, highlights its significance in personal development.

The book also delves into the reverence of Goddess Shyamala, the embodiment of wisdom and universal motherhood. Notable figures such as Sri Kalidasa and Sri Srinivas Ramanujan sought her blessings, attesting to her role in bestowing quintessential wisdom that propels individuals to excel in all facets of life.

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Veera Raja Gopal Malyala

Born in 1981 in Pithapuram, South India, Raja hails from the devout Malyala family, renowned for their simplicity and devotion. Generations of Malyala brothers, including Raja, have performed the annual midnight worship of Lord Kukkuteswara Swamy on Mahashivaratri as a special privilege granted by the Maharaja of Pithapuram in recognition of their ancestors' exemplary service. Growing up amidst his family's profound religious practices, Raja pursued a post-graduate degree in finance and worked as an investment banker, traversing financial hubs like Mumbai, London, and New York before settling as a product manager in a fintech startup in Hyderabad.

His spiritual journey took a significant turn when he received initiation from Swami Gahananandaji of Sri Ramakrishna Mutt in Khar during his tenure in Mumbai. A dedicated spiritual seeker, Raja engages in extensive self-study and research on various mythological scriptures, with a particular fondness for Srimad Bhagavatam in Telugu by Sri Bammera Potana. Daily prayers to Goddess Gayatri and Goddess Shyamala became integral to his routine. Raja's spiritual revelation occurred when Goddess Shyamala, in a divine manifestation, played the Vallaki, revealing the profound truth that ego and desire obscure the inherent blissfulness of God's creation. Now blessed by God, Raja's ego awaits its dissolution, aspiring to merge into the joyful bliss of the Lord.