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Plot Pourri

Format: Paperback

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Plot Pourri is a crowd sourced anthology of the Notion Press social short story contest. This book consists of incredible and marvelous short stories from twenty budding, brilliant authors across the world. This anthology hoards diversified genres encompassing love, humor, suspense and wit, making it an excellent read from the beginning till end. Will a tree's unflinching love for the land save it from PWD authorities? Will the client visit meeting under Amarnath's leadership go on smoothly? What happens to Tony after a sudden rendezvous with god? Why does Amy Miles write letters to Santa Claus? How does Neha repay her gratitude to the orphan?

Winning authors of the Social Short Story Contest are:

Shiraj Abdul

Sudarsan S

Samvit G. Menon

Manoj Kumar 

Yashwanth Subramani 

Anmol Arora 

Priyanka Saha 

Swetha Shiv 

Harini Rajagopalan

Srivatsan Krishnamoorthy 

Soundharya Vijaya 

Bhargav Srinivas 

Nidhi Jain 

Robi Banerjee 

Chandni Narayan 

Ananya Gambhir 

Rhea Banerjee 

Madhav Mohan Menon 

Nivetha Annamalai 

Karthikeyan Balasubramanian 



Plot Pourri





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