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Poetic Messages of Love and Life

by Barnabas Gunaraj

Format: Paperback

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This book is the first collection of poems, written over a period of maybe twenty-five years. It is a collage of ideas, thoughts and satirical articles about love and vagaries of life! It brings out many reflections, on the ups and downs of life and the emotions of love, in the form of verse and short articles, which makes for easy reading. It almost covers a whole gamut of emotions and anyone will find a poem for every mood and moment. Tongue-in-cheek in quite a few places, it seeks to bring out the humor in some of life’s nondescript situations. Combined with a social message in some of the works, the book is a wholesome package for enjoyable reading!

Barney, is a resident of the city of Bangalore (recently renamed Bengaluru) in South India. Educated in one of the most prestigious schools there, he has had a penchant for writing as a hobby since his early years. To have a collection of his works being successfully printed was thus far an unfinished dream! Though, a few articles have been published in Bengaluru’s daily newspapers, and have been well received. He is academically inclined to varied subjects like computers, psychology, marketing and counseling and the positive influence of the variety of topics shows through in the assortment works therein. Being a faculty in one of the premier Training Centres in Bengaluru, he has a rich experience in teaching with wit and is known for adopting methods of "learning through fun". Working as a senior officer in the management level for many years has given him a flair for including humor, while sharing his view from the "top".



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