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PRABUDDHA: THE CLEAR-SIGHTED 18 Important Stories of Wit and Wisdom

Author Name: ANU LAL | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Read these eighteen stories, as they are eighteen steps to achieve the wisdom of Prabuddha. Eighteen stories represent eighteen steps of enlightenment. Eighteen is the number of the rudraksha or beads in a rosary. You can find the eighteen stories in this book as analogous to a rosary.

The result of long nine years of investigation and journey into spirituality and human consciousness, PRABUDDHA: THE CLEAR-SIGHTED stands as one of the master works of Metaphysical fiction.

Through the important eighteen stories, the author has created a bridge between the rich Indian tradition of the Panchatantra and Jataka Tales and the contemporary Indian English fiction.

All the eighteen stories in this magnificent work of fiction are intertwined with a central theme. One story flows into another in the excellent craftsmanship of Anu Lal, bestselling Indian author of Romantic and Metaphysical fictions.

PRABUDDHA: THE CLEAR-SIGHTED begins with three questions:

What is Prabuddha?

Who is Prabuddha?

Where is Prabuddha?

As the reader flips to the final pages of the book, these questions are answered.

PRABUDDHA: THE CLEAR-SIGHTED is one of those rare books that make one feel complete and fulfilled. It shares the quiet joy of being one with the Cosmos.

The internationally acclaimed author has two previous books to his credit, and a “blog-book” in Kindle, one of its kind in the world, titled Unclassified Intelligence.


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Anu Lal

Anu Lal is an Indo-Anglian-Southern author. Many of his short fiction, poetry, and essays are published in national and international journals. He is also a research scholar, educator, book reviewer, and a blogger.



 He could be contacted at :


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