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Python Made Easy Step by Step Guide to Programming and Data Analysis using Python for Beginners and Intermediate Level

Author Name: Nilabh Nishchhal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Computers | Other Details

Python Made Easy: Beginners Guide to Programming and Data Analysis using Python 

Get comprehensive learning of Python Programming starting from the very basics and going up to utilizing python libraries for data analysis and Visualization. It provides an ideal and elegant way to start learning Python, both for a newcomer to the programming world and a professional developer expert in other languages. 

This book comes loaded with illustrations and real-life examples. It gives you exercises which challenge you to refresh your conceptual clarity and write better codes. It is super easy to follow and will work as a self-paced tutorial to get you started with the latest and best in Python. All the advanced Python features to date are included. 

1. Get to know the history, present, and future of Data Science
2. Get introduced to the basics of Computer Programming
3. Explore the exciting world of Python using Anaconda 
4. Learn how to install and use Python on your computer
5. Create your Variables, Objects and learn Syntax of operations
6. Explore Python’s built-in object types like Lists, dictionaries, Tuples, Strings and sets
7. Learn to make your codes reusable by using functions
8. Organize your codes, functions and other objects into larger components with Modules
9. Explore Classes – the Object-Oriented Programming tool for elegant codes
10. Write complex codes and learn how to handle Errors and Exceptions
11. Learn about NumPy arrays and operations on them
12. Explore data analysis using pandas on a real-life data set
13. Dive into the exciting world of Visualization with 3 chapters on 14. Visualization and Matplotlib
15. Experience the Power of What you learnt by 3 projects
16. Learn to make your own application complete with GUI by using API

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Nilabh Nishchhal

Nilabh Nishchhal is a technology graduate and masters in Management from tier 1 institutes of India. He is passionate about technology, automobiles, coaching, educating, and fishing for information out of an ocean of data. He works as a full time marketing professional and he takes pride in guiding and coaching college students, both in engineering and management.  He serves as a judge at SAE Baja, India’s biggest automobile extravaganza of college students.

His passion for deriving meaningful business decisions from data drew him to R and Python. When he is not over-thinking about solving key business problems, he indulges in running marathons, swimming, and cycling. He is a Super Randenneur (prestigious outdoor cycling title) and sports enthusiast.

He lives in Mumbai and presently working on two more books on Python, one on Business Decision making from Data and 2nd, Mastering Data Visualization using Python. He further plans to write similar books in data analytics using R.

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