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Re Root Roots to unearth a beautiful life

Author Name: Siddhant Lunawath | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

The meaning of our life is solely focused on the various aspects which make our life beautiful, happy, and also entertaining. We are inbound by a lot of thoughts on our minds that constantly disturb us in the long run of our life. These thoughts redirect us to a different path where we lose ourselves without knowing the consequences we are going to face. We rely more on our past which creates resistance with the universe, making us forget about enjoying our present and making our future worth living.

It is true that for the trees to grow stronger, their roots must be strong. Every root makes a difference in some or the other way. We have chapters written for our life already and we can’t skip any of them as it works that way. Every person you meet, everything you feel and see is important and is connected in many ways. Do you know what is one of the biggest assets of our body? Our mind. In the same way, this book elucidates the roots which are important for you to discover the beautiful life that you can think of living. When these roots, though generic, grow stronger, they help you create a mental garden of thoughts that will reflect the way you want your life to be.

For a human to live, positivity, happiness, and calmness are a few craft keys to their mind. When you maintain it, you’ll then make a cloud that would contain a cluster of happiness, entertainment, peace, the beauty of our soul which will drift you off-limits in making every moment, every second count in your life making it to the beautiful destination that you eventually wanted to reach.

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Siddhant Lunawath

Optimistic person with a zeal to explore the world and it’s beauty. Residing in Hyderabad with an interest in writing, grasping knowledge on any topic to expand the horizon of mind. Having an open to talk personality who loves to communicate, socialize and party. A big time foodie with a ready to explore mindset to try the best available cuisines out in the food market. Like to travel and give my best time to each and everyone I know. World is a beautiful place and I’d say every minute counts.