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Real Unreal Cosmos Our Simulated Reality

Author Name: Saurabh Gupta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

REAL UNREAL COSMOS is a non-fiction, physics & cosmology-based book that talks about the Simulation Hypothesis i.e in simple words: The universe - our world being the artificial reality that is no different than a video game. We all have played a lot of video games, but what if we were in one? 

Ever wondered, Who & Where is God? the almighty creator that we pray and seek. Ever felt: Everything that happens with us - our victories, losses & luck isn't everything already preplanned? The universe in which we live, eat, feel, love, lose, and achieve itself only doesn't seem to be real or authentic reality. Whatever we think or see is just an image that our brain manifests for us to see hence the overall universe we call reality is nothing other than a mere simulation or a fake world to be precise. We as humans have developed so far in technology that we created so much in this world. But......what if we're not creators but CREATIONS? Just like simply another character in a video game. So, Who is the Creator?

REAL UNREAL COSMOS doesn't only just place facts behind myths like mere fantasies or probabilities but also provides substantial evidence for why our universe, our cosmos, our reality, and our existence are not real. Each chapter in the book provides a piece of evidence or a reason to believe why REALITY IS UNREAL and that's what is REAL UNREAL COSMOS for you.

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Saurabh Gupta

SAURABH GUPTA is a Mumbai-based, Indian 21 years old cosmology & physics enthusiast with a bachelor's in Information Technology. He is a gamer, and streamer and has a love for gaming and it was a gaming session that brought upon the whole idea of this book. He is also an aspiring application developer. It took almost 3-5 years of research to complete his book. Since childhood, he always had a craving curiosity to learn, understand and manifest the universe. Due to his everlasting love for space and curiosity for the mysteries of the universe, he began researching cosmology and theoretical physics as early as when he was in 5th grade in order to find answers.

He began studying the universe deeply; and when he was in 5th grade, his love and interest in space rose exponentially. What happened was, that he usually kept records of the several satellites and spacecraft and kept on tracking them. And on a particular night, he witnessed and observed the ISS (International Space Station) revolving around the earth through the sky and that was the moment that gave him chills about his existence and the existence of the universe around him.