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by Mukesh Mehta

Format: Paperback

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Life is all about communicating and connecting effectively with people and processes around. The more deftly one does it, the more happier and successful one is. These connections in life need to have a ‘heart’ of their own otherwise they would not be growing beyond ‘strategic alliances’ which are purpose driven short-lived transactions.

‘Reflections’ offers an insight into these connections and how important they are to have a meaningful and satisfied life, a life that starts beyond aspirations and ambitions which quite often lead to exasperation.

The perspectives presented would lead to a more sincere, purposeful and happy state of living which are triggered by thoughts and thought processes having strong impressions on one’s point of views/perceptions, which in-turn decide one’s responses and reactions to the stimuli around.

It is about how Life is all about getting the right combinations and then getting these combinations right.

And there lies the difference…

Mukesh is an avid reader and thinker with a distinct perspective to observe and experience the world around. He has done an MBA and Certifications in Business Excellence, ERP/Software Technology. He enjoys reading the work done by Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda, OSHO and many other contemporary practicing management professionals. Having a keen interest in Music, he likes to listen to Pink Floyd, Kenny Rogers, Dire Straits amongst others and plays Guitar in his free time.

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