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Reinventing the wheel

Author Name: Chirag Saxena | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

This book invites you to ask eye-opening questions. Why are we here? What's our purpose? Despite being contributors to society. Why do most people feel a sense of emptiness? 

If you feel like you have been living your life on autopilot mode then this book is what you need to read. You will get to know that you have control over your actions which in turn shape the outside world. This book is filled with philosophical essays that inspire you to take control of your life. 

If you enjoy existentialism, skepticism, and egoism, then this book is a must-read. You will be exposed to these different schools of thought. 

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Chirag Saxena

Chirag Saxena has been working as a freelance writer for over a year. The author has collaborated with various clients throughout their career.

The author's primary passions lie in philosophy, psychology, and literature. These interests inspired them to create an Instagram page named "captivate.thoughts."