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Author Name: P. Anand | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A unique experiment by the author through a fictional story parallelly suggests an essential review required in the Constitution of India to bring in positive changes in the interest of the world. Today's argument of Judiciary, Legislature and Executive is that they are one of the three pillars or arm or wing of Government i.e Constitution are ordinarily unquestionable. A number of instances where Thrimoorthis, so-called professionals would be better understood by the common man through the three wise monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi "being dumb, deaf and blind". In other words, see no justice, hear no complaints of citizens and speak no regulations “Executives don’t want to speak, Legislators don’t want to see and Judiciary doesn’t want to hear". Inclusiveness can happen if the present three pillars of the Constitution are revisited and find scope to incorporate other important aspects of life.  Seven pillars namely Legislative, Judiciary, Executive, Health, Security, Education and Agriculture required to be given adequate representation while revising the Constitution to encourage the participation of the common man. In addition, the fictional story of a family brings out human values of compassion, devotion and service to society by guiding readers to find an answer to the purpose of life.  “THE GREATNESS OF PROPOSED REVISION IS IN THE SPIRIT AND THE INTENTION OF CREATING WORLD LEADERS FOR THE SAFETY OF MANKIND”

Surgeon Captain Anand (Retd)

“Contribution from AdvaySvaraPrema and family members”

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P. Anand

The author, Surgeon Captain Pichan Anand (Retd), a Community Medicine Specialist conducted research in the field of health by studying “An Impact of Child Survival and Safe Motherhood,” a national programme in rural areas of Karnataka. Through administrative experiences, found lapses in public health right from village level to central government, which provoked thoughts in the interest of the nation. Research revealed existing deficiencies in the Constitution of India rather than government machinery and policy limitations. To give more teeth to Indian and state governments, need to re-look at or revisit our Constitution to get Bharatiya Samvidhan. An inclusive Bharatiya Samvidhan will be a light and source for betterment, not just in Bharat but in the universe. Associate Professor in Community Medicine and am associated with Arogya Bharati Bengaluru to contribute to community health. Strongly believes in the concept of spiritual health or spiritual medicine to relieve sufferings in communities along with simple, no-cost, basic disciplines of life through meditation, pranayama, and yoga asanas of ancient Indian techniques that will be solutions to find peace in mankind. Interested in contributions to health policy in a country where the concept of the Health Council of India was proposed in 2016 and a few aspects are part of National Health Policy 2017. Committed to be available for service in the interest of the nation, which is everyone’s responsibility. Past co-curricular activities include being a submariner for 13 years and a mountaineer for 8 years, been to expeditions including Mt. Everest Expedition (2004) and Mt. Kailash Manasarovar (2010). 



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