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RISE UP Never Fail Until God Fails You

Author Name: SASMITA BEHERA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

It’s easier to stay mediocre than evolve.


It’s not that most people wake up every day and declare, “Today is going to suck!”


Most people have tried to evolve in some way. The problem is, once they fail, they quickly give up and settle into their mediocrity. They tried improving, it didn’t go as planned, so they gave up.


It’s easier to stay mediocre than face the pain of attempting and failing.


“Most people knock on the door of their dreams once, then run away before anyone has a chance to open the door. But if you keep knocking, persistently and endlessly, eventually, the door will open.”


It’s easier to quit. It’s what most people do.


But here’s a secret most people stewing in mediocrity don’t realize: It’s actually harder to live in mediocrity than work towards greatness. 


We all have a light within us. You are already born with the qualities you will need to get everything you have ever wanted. You may be more powerful than you realize. When this power is properly focused, you will achieve greatness in any aspect of life. Now it’s time to revisit what you once knew. Don’t worry: it’s still with you, waiting to be rediscovered, harnessed, and directed. You are ready. Your exceptional life is waiting.


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I am Sasmita, a software engineer by profession. I firmly believe in that the Greatest Teacher will send you back to Yourself. My innate desire to help humans to get focused, feel strong, and live inspired me to write this book. Life for me was never a bed of roses so far. I would say it was a beautiful roller-coaster ride. I have faced/seen almost all types of challenges within a short span of time. Be it financial issues, health issues, relationship issues, or professional issues. With all these, what I realized is, confidence comes when you jump and try. Crisis is the time when you have no option rather try something new that you never tried. That is the exact point where you need to accept. Accept that this is what is happening in life and now this is the time to create… and that is when opportunities arise. I must accept, life has made me experience a handful of such experiences. Whether you are personally or professionally successful or not or having awesome health or not, if you are not happy from within, then everything is zero. This book consists of small stories with my different experiences from being broken to finding my purpose.