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Roots of Life Discovering human connection

by Vismayi

Format: Paperback

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Just like roots are most important in a tree the same way there are some aspects in our life that are responsible for our present way of life. Just like all the leaves, fruits and branches are connected to roots the same way all living entities are connected to Cosmos.
This awareness and the intensity of this understanding changes one's life greatly. This is the reason why every individual is different from another even though all are basically human beings.

This book is my attempt to answer all the possible questions that arise inside us in a rational perspective. Also to help readers find their own path in achieving success in both personal, professional and social lives without deviating from the proper direction by following some fundamental aspects which I call Roots of life.

I am just another individual in the clutches of Maya ( illusion), I am still striving in order to understand better and deeper, I am in one such process in the interest of progress.

In the process of evolution of mind there occurs a state where all kinds of excuses for unaccomplished tasks, disappointments about life, Complaints to the Divine, the blame on others and reasons for unpleasant events vanish altogether.
At that phase I realized that I myself am responsible for all that has ever happened, All that is happening, All that will ever happen.
And Divine is the source, Destination and guide-light for the journey and bestower of the fruits of my own actions combined together makes my destiny.
This is the unchanging truth , None but None is responsible for the consequences apart myself.

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Roots of Life





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