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Sam A Bond of Eternity

Author Name: Priyu Chandra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Samantha is a fifteen-year-old who lives with her stepmother and stepsisters in the hope that someday her life would become magnificent like Cinderella’s. She meets Samuel, a lonely older man who lived to fulfil his last wish to help the poor and orphans and become Santa. Together, they achieve their dreams and establish selfless love.

In the belief that their circumstances were behind their meeting, Samantha's world suddenly turns when she hears Ariella's advocate's claim. Unfamiliar with her past, she grows curious about the truth of Samuel's mother's disappearance and her blood ties with the Snellings. She finds out the fact and witnesses the incredible power which bonds Cinderella and Santa for eternity.

This book is filled with sympathetic characters that will take you on an emotionally imaginative journey, brilliantly exploring the dimensions of love, care, sacrifice and forgiveness in human beings. 

The first instalment in the series assembles an extraordinary, mysterious life and sets the stage for adventures and mysteries to come.

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Priyu Chandra

Priyu is a full-time mother and engineer who lives in Delhi, NCR with her in-laws, husband Prateek and son Kaavish. Having been raised in a close-knit joint family, Priyu draws her inspiration from the emotions and love she has seen in her family. She is creative and has her own imaginary life in her mind. When the COVID-19 affected most of our lives, she was no different. Her belief – “Whatever happens, happens for a reason” – encouraged her to put her imaginary world into words. From there, she discovered another part of her creative skill: writing. Her first book, Sam, A Bond of Eternity, emphasizes her beliefs and perspective about life.