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Say Bye to Goodbye

Author Name: Anshu Arora | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Is it possible for people to fall in and out of love?

Meera and Parth meet at the Institute of Hotel Management and fall in love. Their love blossoms with the carefree college activities and life in the hostel as the backdrop. But just when their love is at its pinnacle, Parth distances himself from Meera. Does love turn a trifle one-sided or does he find it difficult to deal with commitment?

Meera goes through hell, as she strives to forget and forgive Parth for having jilted her. To her utter surprise, nine years later, Parth comes back into her life, and the magic of their love is revived once again.

Will their romance bloom again? Will Meera and Parth have a second chance? Will they be happy? Or is she doomed to live the life of the legendary Meera, pining for her lost love?

A heartrending tale of love and life!


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Anshu Arora

Dr Anshu Arora dons many hats, being an avid thinker, a budding writer and a motivational speaker. (Well almost!)

She has over twenty-three years of teaching and administrative experience in prestigious schools like Amity International, Bal Bharti, Ryan International and DAV. She is also a ’Master Trainer’ with the CBSE for conducting training programmes for Principals and teachers.

Apart from having won various honours, like ’Jewel of India’ award, ’Best Principal,’ ‘Limca Book’ recognition and ’Best Guru’ by the Olympiad Foundation, this versatile lady was also a winner of ’Cyber-fair’ and the India topper from Institute of Hotel Management, Delhi.

Dr Arora was lauded as the Indian representative at the BETT Asia leadership summit held in Singapore and associated with the Quality Circle Convention in Mauritius. She was also the coordinator of the Fifth International Children’s Theatre Festival, co-hosted by Ryan Schools and HT Pace.

Her literary achievements are no less extraordinary. Her PhD research was on ‘Media habits of school children,’ followed by various works in fiction and non-fiction, including ‘The School Tales,’ a psychological guide for parents-teachers-students and ’COMPitude,’ a series of computer-cum-aptitude books for class 1 to 8.