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Science And Environment In Vedic Sanatan Religion

Author Name: Vijay Kumar Pandey | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Rites and customs of the Vedic Sanatan religion are not orthodox—as propagated by some rationalists—but are full of scientific knowledge and wisdom that have helped preserve nature and society  until recent times. But both of these are now deteriorating very quickly. The concept of all pervading BRAHMAN in the Vedic Sanatan religion is quite similar to the concept of the Quantum Fields of Energy in modern science as both are formless, infinite and omnipresent. There are many similar scientific connotations in the tenets and rites of the religion. Furthermore, if some elements of nature such as wells/rivers and plants/trees are regarded as deities and worshipped, it is not orthodoxy but helps create strong social awareness for the protection of nature through religion. If people worship something, they will not destroy it; it is a simple psyche. No such awareness exists anywhere in the modern scientific world, and the result is severe degradation of water and forest resources these days. Can rationalists understand such underlying philosophies in religious rites and customs? So, this book is a must-read for nature lovers to understand how ancient science in the Vedic Sanatan religion helped protect our environment, which is now falling apart at an alarming rate.

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Vijay Kumar Pandey

Vijay Pandey completed his graduation in Agricultural Sciences and post-graduation in Agriculture Economics in India, and his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois, USA. On his return from the USA in 1971, he taught Agricultural Economics and published several research articles in professional journals in both India and abroad. He also wrote a book on his research. In 1999, he retired as a professor and settled in Lucknow, where he started participating in social activities through his own philanthropic trust registered as ‘BLISS FOUNDATION’. This trust grants very poor female students scholarships for higher studies, creates awareness about the health hazards of air pollution and propagates the urgency in population stabilization through the internet. Observing the changing socio-economic milieu in the country, he has written several satirical poems in Hindi that showcase the pros and cons of the various aspects of modern lifestyle. These poems were published in 2017 in a book titled “Parakh” by Maitreyi Prakashan, Lucknow. During the house arrest due to COVID-19, he saw videos of some rationalists criticizing the rites and customs of the Vedic Sanatan religion as being unscientific and orthodox. This prompted him to read more about the religion and search for scientific content or orthodoxy therein. The present book is an outcome of this work.



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