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Secrets of the Lost Queen

Author Name: Reyhaan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Aishwarya, a beautiful, aspiring girl, who had just completed her bachelor’s in archeology, starts her first job at an excavation site. She finds a mysterious pot that seems worthless to her colleagues. Without considering those comments, she starts doing research about it and finds an unimaginable mystery behind it. Before she could actually tell the world what that is, she dies in an accident. All she leaves behind are a few comments about her research to a playful girl, her sister, Athvika.

A few months pass and Athvika marries Eashwar, a computer genius and the owner of a billion-dollar company. Eashwar always digs a problem to the core if he finds something wrong with it. Marriage life does not go as good as expected. Athvika always seems distraught and never opens up to Eashwar. He volunteers himself to help Athvika recover from her stress. The story starts to take a turn once the mastermind gets involved in the game.


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Jaikumar, pen name Reyhaan, is an entrepreneur and a passionate traveler. He was born and raised in Tamil Nadu but is now living in Karnataka. He started writing stories for his short films from his school days. His interest in writing novels changed about six years ago as a short film limited his imagination because of the budget. He has traveled across the country and gets inspiration from real-life stories and blends it with his screenplay skills to create entrancing fiction. He loves to travel, cook and engage always with social media as it is a source of information now. He was working in an MNC before becoming a full-time author. More Happy Than Not is his debut novel.