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Seven Vows

Author Name: Shruthi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Sridhar Verma at the age of twenty-two lived a perfect life which comes crashing down for him in a moment and he realizes to gain what he has lost he has to fight traditions and social norms.

Maheswari Verma the matriarch of the Verma family is proud of her legacy as a freedom fighter's sister. But her principles are questioned at every step when a girl walks into her family like a storm opening the secrets of the past.

Suman Rajput the girl who wanted to fly. But the path she chooses to get wings lands her in a cage from where it looks like there is no opening and that cage is the truth of her life.

Sudhir Verma the second son of Verma family carries a fire underneath his calm demeanor, a fire that desperately needs a direction.

Will Sridhar succeed in his battle, Will Maheswari stand by her principles, Will Suman get her wings, Will Sudhir get the direction, most importantly whether the Verma family stand together against the odds to emerge victorious, to know read Seven Vows set in mid-nineties in the pink city of Jaipur. The tale of love, passion, compassion and above all that celebrates humanity.

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Shruthi has been a professional in the Information Technology field for the past 14 years. She is deeply interested in Indian mythology and Indian culture. The overwhelming response she received for her blogs and mythology analysis on online forums made her shift to a career in writing. She has three articles published in Hindu open page and two short stories published in Yourstoryclub.  Seven Vows is her first fiction set in the backdrop of post-liberalized India.  A period in the history of India when on one hand Information Technology opened up avenues for new thoughts while on the other side traditions and social taboos were trying to hold back the change process.

As a teenager who has grown up seeing the social transformation in that period presents in her book that journey where many old thoughts took back seat and new thoughts were getting accepted.  Through the book, the author wants to give the message that humanity is over and above any tradition, ritual or belief.

She can be contacted through email at