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Shades of Love and other stories from India

by Paul Mohan Roy

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Shades of Love and other stories from India is a collection of short stories set in India’s pre and post mobile phone days. Here the characters are drawn from the Indian social milieu and they come face to face with the reader: In the backdrop of an ancient temple ritual, now defunct, called ‘dedicating’ girls to local deities, a young man hears his mother say she conceived him in sin. A boy falls in and out of love, as watched by a widower who finds no clue for the boy’s disappearance. Burying into each other and talking in whispers a pair of lovers spend a night long journey by taxi. In a long monologue a girl pines for a man she has not met.

Destiny writes the same fate lines in different script, a mother tells her daughter abandoned by her husband. “First there is darkness, an empty heart, into which a beam of love is lighted”, a girl confesses her growing affection for a boy. “When you win a girl’s heart, you lose yours”, a lover draws a theory. A daughter is pushed to the extreme when her mother rejects all marriage proposals on the pretext that horoscopes do not match

Behind this assorted group of men and women, placed in life’s highly unpredictable situations, there is an element of subtle irony. The author records how human relationships are bound by love and affection or torn down by separation.

The reader is mesmerized by the poetry of storytelling techniques. A wholesome treat for fiction lovers!

Amelia D Kumar is a retired professor of English. Now living in Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, she is actively involved in Christian outreach programs. She is also a regular invitee to The Bible College in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh and the annual Kingdom Invasion Campaign [KIC] in Singapore. Her first book, From Tears to Triumph was very well received.


Shades of Love and other stories from India





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