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Author Name: Akshat Samsi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Embark on a journey with me, the *adjective* Winter, as I navigate a year of eternal confusion and unexpected revelations. This captivating book offers an invitation to witness my attempts at existence and the disasters that have unfolded along the way.

In this narrative woven with humour and heartache, I lay bare the moments that have indubitably marked me. Through my experiences, I offer fleeting glimpses into the enigmatic maze of life's complexities. Join me in my world, where disaster and delight intermingle in ways you could never predict. Traverse the profound joys and poignant challenges that have contributed to the intricate mosaic of my existence.

As you navigate the twists and turns of my story, I can only say…

I hope you make it out alive, in more ways than one. Seriously, good luck.

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Akshat Samsi

Meet Akshat, a gifted sixteen-year-old author hailing from Thane, India. Possessing an imaginative mind that knows no boundaries, Akshat has breathed life into a captivating book that mirrors the depths of life.

A distinct facet of Akshat’s artistic journey is the creation of his own fan art. This endeavour, nurtured through years of contemplation and creativity, has given rise to Akshat’s brainchild “Snow.” What was initially a mere illustration has seamlessly evolved into a compendium of short stories and essays, blossoming ultimately into a full-fledged novel. This journey encapsulates the exhilarating transformation that Akshat’s creative vision has undergone.


Beyond the realm of literary creation, Akshat nurtures a noble aspiration—to become a veterinary doctor. This ambition harmoniously intertwines with his dedication to animal welfare, showcasing his compassionate nature. Alongside this journey, Akshat steadfastly pursues his passion for creative storytelling and painting. Though a bit of flowery language has been used in this author profile, it is the perfect way to capture his personality.



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