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SOFT SKILLS UNLEASHED Empowerment for Personal and Professional Success

Author Name: Krishna Suresh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Soft Skills Unleashed,' a catalyst for personal growth. This book serves as your roadmap to thriving in today's world, whether you're a professional aiming for career heights, an aspiring entrepreneur, or committed to personal greatness.

Delve into emotional intelligence, communication, leadership, and adaptability, guided by compelling narratives, practical exercises, and expert insights. Discover the secrets of genuine connections, conflict resolution, and nurturing a growth mindset that opens doors to endless potential.

With years of experience as a soft skills trainer and life coach, the author empowers you to overcome self-imposed limits and barriers. Unleash your potential, reshape your personal and professional connections, and embark on a path to inspiring success. Embrace the power of soft skills as enthusiasm soars, abilities elevate, and true potential is set free.

"Mr. Krishna Suresh's mentorship transformed my career, imparting empathy-driven guidance." - Christy, CTU ICU In Charge Nurse, Gknm Hospital. 

"Dr. Suresh's exceptional teaching and empathetic coaching enriched my journey, a privilege to learn from a visionary." - Claire Chiron, Emotional Mastery Coach, USA. 

"A great teacher and visionary, Dr. Krishna Suresh's coaching transcends ages, igniting success." - Shilpa Suresh, Business Strategist.

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Krishna Suresh

Krishna Suresh, a Certified Master NLP/Mindfulness Practitioner and Life Coach, is a renowned expert in facilitating transformative personal changes. With over 10 years of experience, he conducts impactful workshops on various soft skills.

Holding a Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine, specializing in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Krishna blends NLP and mindfulness for lasting results. He's internationally recognized, notably in Singapore, and a sought-after trainer for professionals.

Dedicated to empowering individuals for success and fostering team growth, Krishna guides self-discovery and improved dynamics through his holistic approach.