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Sophistication through Simplification Simple lessons to simplify your life

Author Name: Sumbul Syed | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details
As an old saying goes that there is sophistication in simplification, we need to start using it as a mantra. A lot of our problems will be solved if we start focusing on simplifying our lives instead of playing a perpetual blame game with life. There is so much serenity in simplicity and we can only understand it if we acknowledge that it exists. We are constantly thinking about complicating our lives by trying to out- show others by buying latest phones, big houses, expensive cars and having a lot of money in bank accounts. We think being active on social Medias and having thousands if not millions of followers is something that makes life worthy and purposeful. However, purpose of life can only be realised in silence and not in the midst of chaos and distractions. Hence, being sophisticated by being a simple being. We think being arrogant and cruel and acting busy all the time is something that make us successful but the reality is completely opposite. A successful person will always be down to earth and helpful irrespective of his bank balance, qualifications and achievements. Hence, being sophisticated by being a simple being. Many times being cliché and old school works best for us. I believe in creating my own culture and that’s why I want to be sophisticated by simplifying things in my life.
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Sumbul Syed

Sumbul was born in Kanpur city, Uttar Pradesh. She undertook economics for her under-grad studies. After under-graduation she decided to pursue psychology and now strives to help herself and people with the subject. Sumbul discovered her ability to write during 9th standard at school. Since then she has been writing blogs and poems. She also hosts a podcast titled "A Thinker" where she discusses her mind by sharing her thoughts. Sumbul has a published poem titled "My Loneliness". Sumbul believes in uplifting the society with her thinking and writing skills and hopes to do the same with this book. 'Sophistication through Simplification- Live a life that's simple' is her first book.