Indie Author Championship #6

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Space Junkies

Author Name: S.K. Arunachalam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

Space Junkies is an outrageously fun and exciting adventure that follows the escapades of a rag-tag bunch of characters from their meager beginnings as bumbling space pirates to equally bumbling intergalactic heroes. Ggreed, Puig, Margo and their Space Junkie associates stumble upon a rare substance that is far greater in worth than any other ill-gotten gain they could imagine… Cheesecake! This mysterious fuel, however, isn’t kept secret for long. Ggreed and the gang find themselves competing with the Russian Mob, Bounty Hunters, Wiley Witches and even inter-dimensional aliens for the illustrious (and luminous) prize. Through it all, the Space Junkies have to fight off a slew of ghastly creatures such as zany Zombies, slimy Slugs, dastardly Dino-Dragons, vicious Vampires, Purple Apes and other nightmarish nasties. The race is on! And the outcome is either unequalled wealth and galactic domination…or death!

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S.K. Arunachalam

Author S. K. Arunachalam is a universal enigma. Some say he’s the next wily wizard of enlightening entertainment that will mesmerize the masses with his magical creations. He sharpened his gift by apprenticing at Loyola College in Chennai, studying visual communication. After pleasing the powers of passage and graduating in 2012, the master crafter travelled to the distant and mysterious land of opportunity where he learned the secret arts of filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. With his now bulging bag of tricks, S. K. Arunachalam returned to India where he began writing screen plays for Hollywood. His persistence, patience and powerful spells paid off for he is currently negotiating the willy-nilly details of a contract with a production company seeking to buy one of his scripts. He is also in the process of releasing his comic book sagaSpace Junkiesto ravenous fans.